Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Can you tell your customers if you moved premises?

In the building next to us is a mechanic. He used to be in a different factory unit, but due to that owner selling, he was forced to move into a less desirable factory out the back. 

When I asked him why he chose this factory to rent, and not one with more exposure down the road, he said it was because all his clients knew that he was in this block of units. 

It still amazes me, and will until the day I drop dead, that people don’t keep a database of their customers.

I know my mechanic has never emailed me. If he moved, I wouldn’t know where to find him! He would lose my family as customers and have to find new ones.

If your business has all its clients’ information stored, even just the basics, then you can email or ring them when you have important changes - like changing address! 

You probably worked really, really hard to build your clientele. Don’t leave them behind when you move. 

Build a database … or better yet, contact me and ask me to build it for you!

Friday, 21 May 2021

Excel <> Database!

Please STOP using Excel for managing your customer data. 

Excel has its place, but that place is not being a surrogate database! 

Last week we took on a new client in Cronulla (a small community based sporting club) who had been managing their attendances with spreadsheets. The poor girl whose job it is to work out who's coming and who isn't was struggling big time. 

We were able to take that data and import it into our Arnold Gym Management System, and now her workload has been trimmed by over 90%! 

Help us rid the world of Excel Spreadsheets being used as databases!