Thursday, 6 September 2018

Visual Basic ... I predict a comeback!

I was recently at a fund-raiser for my son's school, and after a few bottles of wine, one of the other dad's struck up a conversation with me. Turns out he is also a programmer, and one of the all-too-common MVC full stack guys who writes in C#, Java, Angular etc ...

When I told him I was a SQL MCSE he was genuinely impressed and asked me interesting questions on SQL. I then mentioned that I am loving my hobby of writing Apps using Basic.

At the mere mention of the words "Visual Basic" ... he nearly fell off his chair!

I know this type ... I used to work with one at a former job ... He HATED Basic too. He is what I call a "code snob". Even though Microsoft Visual Basic .Net compiles to the same machine code as C#, there is still this stigma surrounding the language. Maybe they shouldn't have used the acronym "basic" ... ?

Anyway, as a happy co-incidence I stumbled upon this blog on Code Project. So to save me typing it all out, I'm just going to paste the link here ... If you're a hater of anything Basic ... please read this before calling me a beginner! 😄

And if you're looking for a really easy way to write apps for BOTH Android and iOS without owning a Mac ... try this: