Sunday, 21 July 2019

New Version of Arnold!

Over 20 years ago I started writing a CRM product for a friend's martial arts club. I think I wrote it with VB5 and a csv file back-end.

From there, as I progressed in my professional IT career (as well as building my own martial arts school), I've continued to develop the CRM, now named Arnold (nothing to do with the Terminator btw).

I'm so proud of where it is now. As of now, it is the newest commercial martial arts software package available for commercial use.

I've spent the past 6 months of weekends & nights converting it from a .Net Windows Application to a .Net Web Application, with the back-end hosted on a Microsoft Azure SQL Server Database.

And to compliment the main web application, users and businesses can also download the App from the Play Store or App Store (Android / iOS). The App provides businesses with a professional check-in display at reception, and communication from the system to members' phones via push notifications.

This is my passion project and one which I work on to continually develop new skills.

If you, or any martial arts, dance or yoga business you can think of could benefit ... please direct them to the sales website which can be found here:

Cheers ... and Oss!!!  😄

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