Tuesday, 22 January 2019

To Page 1 of Google in 48 hours!

For those who read this blog and don’t know … I also own a Martial Arts business (www.scjja.com if you’re interested).

About 8 years ago it was growing rapidly, with new students turning up every week … mostly due to a google search.

I then moved into a larger premises … with more overheads … and then something strange happened. The leads stopped … there were some new schools in the area and they were getting the new leads. And i must admit I was slow to figure out why (becoming a father for the first time being one of the reasons I dropped the ball).

Finally, I decided to do a search on Google for what I assumed was the most common search phrase for my business, I was shocked to find that I was on page 2 of the results … how could this be? There were only 3 or 4 gyms in the same area with what I offered!

I had to figure it out … so I went back to study and learned how to rank in Google. I watched videos, and read books. And in one those I found the most useful information. It was a tiny book too .. only about 100 pages and cost less than $20.

But what it contained was gold … I completely re-did the website, and followed the other instructions. Within 3 months I was back, and not just on Page 1, but either ranking 1 or 2 depending on the actual words entered into Google.

Fast forward to today, and my gym runs itself which allows me to focus on my IT business. With my new focus now on SQL Server, I have to make sure that “sql server expert sydney” ranks high.

No word of a lie … it has taken me 48 hours to go from Page 3, to Page 1 for this search phrase. And without spending any money!

If you want me to help with your business’ #SEO then contact me at https://www.stingrae.com.au … but here’s a FREE tip .. Google is a #database. Yes, it’s bloody huge, but a database is a database. And not many people in Sydney know more about databases than I do …  😉
Here is the "before" image, where the phrase is on Page 3
And now here is the "after" on Page 1, about half-way down. Soon it'll be #1, you watch!

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