Monday, 15 October 2018

Don't put business logic in the presentation layer!

I'm currently working on a short-term contract in Sydney ... and I've already had several run-ins with the IT Manager. Essentially, it can be summarised by the answer below. 

The problem is, that my client wants to do calculations on the data at the presentation layer, in this specific case, in Qlik! 

Now don't get me wrong, Qlik is a great tool, with wonderful looking charts. But as a place to do complex joining of all the data, not right.  What happens when we want to display the same data on something else? Say, for example, a native App? 

The data, and the calcs, need to be copied somewhere else. Currently all the data is being copied into Qlik and then the joins, IF/ELSE statements, date calculations etc .... are all in Qlik. 

As per the answer in the link article below, there is no documentation, and no one else to support it. 

I've suggested building a proper data warehouse using Microsoft SQL Server. And then linking Qlik to the data in the warehouse, as it is very good at doing. But unfortunately, it's not my call.

I think it's mad. But .... the customer is always right, so I'm doing the best I can. 

What do you think? Before you answer ... be sure to read what Andrew wrote below: 

Read Andrew Weishan's answer to Why is SQL in such high demand when I can use Excel and do half of the work, and never have to enter code again? I can literally write a macro and have a button. on Quora

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